Mahmut C. Genceli shares here

Route 1: UARTs Serial port, Com Port, PC (Raspberry Pi) to Arduino communication.

A multi-part workshop starting with UARTs for serial communications.


  1. Introduction
  2. Uarts, Serial bus electrical specs: RS232, RS485, RS422, point to point, multi drop (star topology), ring topology etc.
  3. Uart protocols: start bits , stop bits, baud rate, bit rate, framing errors, overruns etc.
  4. Uart chips: 8250, AVR USART, … 6551, software UART.
  5. Arduino UART, Software UART, polling mode, interrupt mode.
  6. Teminal programs. hyper terminal, picocom etc.
  7. PC, (Windows, Unix, Raspberry Pi), FTDI chip.
  8. Scripted communication with open source libraries python, php, JavaScript, node, C, C++
  9. Example application portio server, oscilloscope, logic analyser (low speed).

This will be a fully hands on workshop:

Required hardware and software: Please install and procured before the class.