Mahmut C. Genceli shares here

Employment History

Ayurveda Resource LLC.


2008 -

  • Web site maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • Design and develop web sites for alternative healthcare providers (Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotishi, EFT, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, herbalists).
  • Wordpress based or custom designed Content Management Systems (CMS). Websites for restaurants, financial consultants, educational institutions.
  • Online educational paid content delivery systems.
  • Server maintenance (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X).
  • eNewsletter list management, template design, eNewsletter layout, content generation, content generation automation.
  • Video editing, Photo editing, logo design. Automated video conversion programs.
  • online Video broadcasting, webinars.
  • eCommerce store implementation, design, management.
  • Embedded micro-controller based home-office automation, and sensor systems.
  • Remote office automation.
  • Secure remote storage solutions.
  • Network security, firewall implementation for healthcare providers.
  • VoIP implementation for secure healthcare client audio consultation systems.

The Ayurvedic Institute

IT Specialist

2009 - 2012

  • Maintain servers, workstations, network cabling, switches, routers.
  • Increase network capabilities.
  • Remote administer workstations
  • Tech support for workstation users.
  • Recommend , purchase, setup, audio visual equipment.
  • Run webinars,
  • Tech support for webinar students,
  • Develop, implement and maintain webinar applications
  • Develop, implement and maintain video streaming applications,
  • Setup and maintain databases for webinar and video stream applicaitons.
  • Help with website technology,
  • Maintain website
  • Build, and maintain eCommerce site,
  • Automate, generate, schedule eNewsletter content.
  • Front-end (UI) design for webinars, and videostream services.
  • Videography, Photography, Video editing, photo editing.
  • Video content conversion automation.
  • Help with seminars, help with seminar technology.

Datalogic Scanning, Inc

Senior Software Engineer

2001 – 2007

  • Designing and implementing embedded systems and associated software to support barcode and data collection devices. Hardware and software.
  • Develop custom features to extend product functionality of barcode and data collection devices operating on proprietary real time operating systems as well as Windows CE and Windows NT Embedded.
  • Develop software for Windows point of sale terminals to integrate fixed and handled barcode scanning products with the point of sale (POS) standards (OPOS).
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for legacy software and hardware. Provide high-level technical support for system integrators, new and existing customers.


Senior Software Engineer

January 2001 – July 2001 Richardson, TX (Telecommuting)

  • Device drivers for VoIP system.
  • Device drivers for USB touchpad.
  • Device drivers for large CD storage system.
  • Netbios based storage system.
  • Mac OS X device driver assessments.

Advanced Relay Corporation

Senior Hardware Engiener

February 1994 – December 2000 Eugene, OR

  • Device drivers for various communications hardware to operate under DOS, Windows, QNX, Linux operating systems.
  • Test suites for the above.
  • Tech support, on site hardware troubleshooting.
  • Embedded software security devices for communication hardware.
  • Communication test equipment based on embedded micro-controllers.

Bilkent University

Teaching / Research Assistant

September 1989 – July 1992 Ankara, Turkey

  • Assist freshmen, and sophomore CAD (Computer Aided Design) courses.
  • Assist sophomore Design course.
  • Setup and Run computer laboratories for CAD.
  • Research on environmental geometry.
  • Micro-controller based Light and Color simulator design and implementation.
  • Research Bank Office Automation.
  • Student grade, and registration databases.
  • Produce documentary videos for building assessment.

Nokta Import, Export (Nokta Dış Ticaret)

Partner Owner and CTO

1985 – 1989 Ankara, Turkey

Design and Implement Hardware, Software, Documentation, Marketing materials, Manufacturing processes for computer related products.

Design and implement computer aided education software.


The Ayurvedic Institute

Ayurvedic Medicine / Diet and Lifestyle

ASP1, ASP2, Gurukula in India

2007 – 2009

Mount Madonna Institute

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor

2006 – 2007

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

Level 1

2003 - 2004

Bilkent University

Master of Fine Arts (M.A.), Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

1989 – 1992

Middle East Technical University

Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID), Industrial Design

1986 – 1989

Middle East Technical University

Physics Assoc.

1981 – 1985


Music, Electronics, Software, Hardware, Design, Cooking, Photography, Video, Yoga, Ayurveda


  • Turkish
  • English
  • French: Elementary proficiency